Since Onkyo China was converted from a distributor to a subsidiary over 3 years ago, many things have changed. We have retooled our systems, much of our team and even our culture. The ultimate goal has been to create an organization that is efficient and focused on better sharing Onkyo’s amazing technologies with you. With a little luck in the future we may even be able to offer some gadgets developed exclusively for greater China…


In many ways this website re-launch is a huge step in this direction. You will notice lots of changes including a virtual club, tons of additional product information, a new customer service system, buyer’s tips and guidelines, and much more. Everything is designed to open a much more direct dialogue with you.


I was just at a fantastic conference in Singapore called Music Matters. A Grammy winning producer who has worked with the music industry biggest stars including U2, Jason Mraz, The Rolling Stones and Dave Mathews Band named Steve Lillywhite made a comment that struck a chord with me. He said sometimes music - even music of the legends - is good and sometimes it is just plain bad. But, he explained, this is not a problem. The only thing that is unacceptable is complacency. The invisible bond between Onkyo’s employees and its customers is distaste for complacency and a deep respect for passion. You demand high performance and high quality. We take pride in having delivered it for over 65 years.


So get inspired by the amazing details of life. We will continue to play the music and movies that transport you into the world of imagination. We will continue to achieve, have fun and leave the world a better place. This website is a shiny new vehicle to help us move forward on that mission. Enjoy!

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