To thank you for your support and affection for Onkyo, we sincerely launch a special points redemption programme for Onkyo

members. Members can collect points by interacting with Onkyo both online and offline, so that they can use their points to enjoy

different degree of privilege gifts, take part in lucky draw and different activities.

  How to earn points
Business model Items Points received
Register/Login Successfully registered as a member 500  
Successfully registered a product 200 Registering several products at the same time can collect accumulative points
For every login 1 Logging in using the same account within one day will be considered as one time login only.
Must complete filling in all personal data items 200 Only added 1 time

Update personal

data 1 time

1 Logging in using the same account within one day will be considered as one time login only.
For inviting each friend to register as an Onkyo member 100 Each ID can invite at most 50 friends to become a member, no more points will be rewarded once the maximum number of invitation has been reached (If the same IP address has invited over 2 friends as members, they will only be counted as 1 invitation; if the same IP (no time limit) invite over 5 friends as members, only 5 invitations will be recorded).
with Onkyo
Message board 1 All messages for the same article will be counted as one message only.
Join activities like audition, release of new products, online enquiry, voting, etc. 10-100 We will reward different number of points according to different activities. For detail please refer to our notice.
Gratitude points 0-100000 If you promote Onkyo to more consumers through different BBS, Blogs or channels; or if you provide suggestions and comments to Onkyo via phone, mail or fax; once they are accepted, you may earn gratitude points.
How to use your points
Usage of points Description
Redeem for lucky draw Launch different points-bearing activities at different times
Redeem gifts Launch different points-bearing activities at different times

How to check your points:

Go to"Check Points" to review details of your points and gifts available for redemption. Onkyo will launch different promotional

activities, e.g. double your points, there will be lots of surprises so please attention the promotional activities notice.


Details of points

1. No transfer of adding of points among different accounts.
2. Points can only be used for individual purchase but not for group purchase or any other purchase intended for making profits

or re-selling purposes, and any other non-individual used purchase.
3. Regulations for points redemption should follow the latest notice. Should there be an expiry date of the notice, the regulations

will not be valid after the expiry date.
4. Some gifts are limited and will be provided on a first-come-first-served basis.


Validity of points

Membership points are valid for one year, i.e. points collected in one year will be good before 24:00 on 31 December in the next

year. All unused points will be automatically cancelled.


Breach of regulations

If a member is proven to adopt illegal means to get points, his account will be sealed and the related points be forfeited and Onkyo

reserve all rights to pursue his legal liabilities.


Amendment & Termination

Onkyo reserve the rights to interpret details of activities and can at anytime add, delete or amend details of the regulations (include

but not limit to participation criteria, points calculation and redemption regulations).