• 《Onkyo souvenir》
    HK$70 Points:1000

  • 《LPCD45M2 Demo CD》
    HK$160 Points:1600

Redemption regulations
(1) Points cannot be redeemed to money but only for redeeming designated gifts and lucky draw.
(2) Members can use their points to join activities, provided that their points have reached the required
amount, then can also redeem for gifts.

Successful redemption
Points will be deduced from the member's account. Once redemption has been confirmed, no
change can be made.

(3)No return policy for gifts redeemed. If there is a quality problem for the gift, members can change for
gifts at the same value.
(4)We will mail you gifts redeemed. Please leave your detailed postal address and contact methods.
Onkyo will not be responsible for any incorrect information you provide.