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ONKYO Digital Life Series

Madding about parkour, obsessing with bands, manipulating Iphone…You have experienced all the fashionable things that sweeping the world. But, you may need one more IDEA that can vibrate your life!

ONKYO now endow you the digital-fanatics a brand new choice. The Pioneer series have explored a fully new approach to the music appreciation. This just like you switch from the pipe organ and dedicate yourself to the saxophone, it is fulfilled with expectations and challenges to the unknown future. ONKYO has crammed all kinds of pops and the most favorite digital play devices into Pandora Boxes one after another. With a lasting stream of music, your friend can never figure out what will be the next song! Is it a shaking evergreen one, a blues or a jazz? All is for you to guess!

Just fancy to plant the most advanced hi-tech into a super-cool body in which running the ONKYO sixty-year top quality! Isn’t it a one more addictive idea for you?

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