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Firmware Update-P-3000RFirmware Update  Time:2012-02-17
User Manual Download-Time:2011-12-19
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P-3000R Firmware Update            


Update History 

A USB device driver for the P-3000R preamplifier is now available. This driver enables playback of PC audio through the P-3000R. Please download the driver that matches your computer’s operating system.

 Updated on June 6, 2011
A-9000R / P-3000R USB Device Driver, Beta Version for Mac OS

  • Updated on June 6, 2011
    A-9000R / P-3000R USB Device Driver, Beta Version for Mac OS

 As of 11 November 2010

  • Improves the playback of particular wav file;
  • Corrects intermittent activation of Auto Power Down function during playback in NET/USB mode;


Installing the Software

• Before installing this driver, make sure to uninstall any previous drivers and restart your PC.

• The driver software package has been compressed as a zip archive and must be decompressed after download.

• Connect your PC and A-9000R or P-3000R using a USB cable.

• After turning on the A-9000R or P-3000R, launch the file "Setup.exe" in the decompressed driver software folder and follow the installation instructions that appear on screen.

*May not function properly for computers that do not meet the minimum hardware requirements.

*Not compatible with the Intel® Atom Processor.

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